Thank you!

First and foremost, Mark would like to extend his gratitude and humbleness to each of you for agreeing to play at tomorrow night’s “Salute to Mark Mann” at Brewsky’s. We’ve had two great album release shows so far and we’re looking forward to tonight at Glory Bound and tomorrow’s big show at Brewsky’s. If you can make it out tonight, we’d love to see you.

With so many different people involved, there are (obviously) a lot of moving parts needed to make everything go smoothly on Sunday so I wanted to share all the details. My cell phone number is (601) 596-7183. Once you read through everything, if you have any questions/concerns, please let me know ASAP and we’ll work through them together.

Thanks again, David


  • We will provide a backline with a bass rig and drum kit. Acoustic guitarists will be able to plug their D.I. directly in, electric guitarists will need to bring their amps.

  • Please bring your own 1/4" cables for your guitars, keyboards, etc.

  • A full performance order is included below. Please check your info and confirm it's correct. If it's not, please let me know ASAP and I'll correct it.

  • Please note that we have split the line-up into two separate groups.  EVERYONE must check in with Jason Eaves, our sound engineer during your group's time, which is either 3 p.m. or 3:30 p.m. Enter in through the back door. As I understand it, not everyone will be required to do a sound check, but Jason needs to confirm your performance configuration and he may want to sound check some/all of the bands.

  • Everyone MUST check in with Jason during your allotted time or unfortunately we’ll have to pull you from the performance.

  • After you have checked in with Jason, you’re free to leave for the afternoon, but everyone needs to be back no later than 6:15. Doors open at 6 and the show starts promptly at 7. I’m asking everyone to be there by then in order to have a nice crowd for the early acts – and to show support for Mark. I realize not everyone can stay the entire evening, but I hope you will if you can. 

  • Performers (only) can utilize the backstage entrance. All guests must use the main entrance. Speaking of guests, each performer will have a plus one wristband waiting for them at main entrance, which can be picked up beginning at 6 p.m. The passes will be saved under the name of the individual performer. Plus ones for the Bands will be grouped together (ie there will be four passes saved under the name of Mazamoon) and they can be claimed individually. 

  • Because of limited backstage/green room space, PLEASE remain out in the main hall until you’re two slots from performing. After your performance, please load your gear and then make your way back out to the main hall, if you can. Unfortunately, the ONLY people allowed backstage will be performers – no guests. 

  • We will have five posters in the greenroom along with some Sharpie's. PLEASE take time to autograph them. Two are for Mark. The other three will be given to Nick's to auction off at a later date to help support their rebuilding process.

​Thanks again for your willingness to participate in this special night for our pal, Mark Mann. This is the 30th  year that he has been playing music and I know he has been a big influence/friend to many of you. Let's show him the respect he deserves and make this a special night for all invovled.


​3 p.m. CHECK-IN

  • Phil Graves – (acoustic/vocals)

  • Kyle Bradley & Matt Cockrell – (electric guitar, acoustic guitar/vocals, drums)

  • Ben Steadman – (acoustic/vocals)

  • Gatorfight – (electric guitar, bass, drums, acoustic guitar/vocals) 

  • Afton Wolfe – (acoustic/vocals)

  • Beater – (electric guitar, bass/vocals, drums)

  • Galen Martin – (acoustic/vocals)

  • Pinebelt Pickers – (mandolin/vocals, upright bass/vocals, harmonica/vocals, acoustic guitar/vocals, acoustic guitar/vocals)

  • Zach Koch – (acoustic guitar/vocals)

  • Mazamoon – (electric guitar/vocals, bass, drums, electric guitar)

​3:30 p.m. CHECK-IN

  • Ryann & Jesse – (acoustic guitar/vocals, acoustic guitar/vocals)

  • Scott Panther – (electric guitar/vocals, bass guitar/vocals, drums, electric guitar/vocals)

  • Scott Chism & the Better Half – (acoustic guitar/vocals, vocals)

  • Meagan May – (acoustic guitar/vocals)

  • Allen Mann – (acoustic guitar/vocals)

  • Mississippi Shakedown – (electric guitar/vocals, drums, keyboards/vocals)

  • Stephen Wade Scott – (acoustic guitar/vocals)

  • Burns and Jane – (electric guitar/vocals, keyboards/vocals, bass, drums)

  • Cary Hudson & Katrina Miller (acoustic guitar/vocals, fiddle)

Thanks again!